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General FAQ

How do I proceed to sell you gold?
Use the contact us and send us an overview of what you have available!

Do you pay consultant fees?
Absolutely. We value consultants and marketing companies that have strong relationships with their sellers and we have no problem compensating brokers that bring us Sellers.

What are the consultant fees and splits?
The overall fee is set in the contract, 50% sell side and 50% buy side.

Will you pay the export fees to get the gold out of the country?
No. We will not pay any upfront fees for any purpose or any reason.

We have gold ready for export and shipment will be carried out by a freight and forwarding licensed agent based at the Aviance Export Village at Kotoka International Airport Accra. Are you interested?

Can we meet at the Geological Survey Department, Assay a “sample” of the gold, and then you wire the money or pay us cash?
No. We will pay for the gold after it is smelted and assayed at the PMMC. The final weight and purity can only be known when ALL the gold is smelted, assayed, and weighed.

Will you put up your funds in the name of the Seller in advance?

Can I book the product under the Seller’s name / into the Seller’s account?
No. The Buyer will NOT pay for product booked into anyone’s name or account except the Buyer’s.

May I ask for any fees outside of contract or net proceed JV deals?
No. The person representing the Seller needs to negotiate such fees outside of the contract agreement directly with the Seller.

Can I get a rebate from the Buyer as a Seller representative off the contract?

Can we change the pricing and fees pre-agreed in contract at the TTM?

What happens if the gold is not to the level of purity specified on the contract?
Payments are made per kilo based on recoverable product.


May I ask to do a Table Top Meeting (TTM) outside of PMMC prior to booking to PMMC?
All deliveries of product must TTM at the PMMC prior to the booking of product. If a special situation warrants a different location prior to PMMC assay book in, we will consider it however, please keep in mind we have much activity going through PMMC daily and alternate office locations is not desirable for our business model in order to maximize our offer to purchase.


How do we know your going to pay us using CIF terms?
We will provide our banking information and refinery information directly on your FCO. On our first transaction we expect our sellers to inquire with our bank and refinery to ensure we have the means to purchase the quantity of gold dust or gold dore bars that have been ordered. Also, if we did not pay after receiving your gold this would be a criminal offense in the USA. We would no longer be permitted to operate in the precious metals importing market and our reputation in our country and in the industry would be destroyed.

What happens once the gold is delivered to your refinery?
When we receive gold sent CIF to us, we utilize several USA based refineries that offer modern state of the art assay services and smelting. This allows us to determine exactly how much gold and what quality material has been received from our seller. We also present this final assay report to our sellers which indicates exactly what quality gold dust or gold dore bar we received. This allows us to discuss the assay results with our sellers and then provide a bank wire payment directly to our seller’s bank account. The bottom line is, if the material is real gold we pay our sellers quickly via bank wire transfer.

Why don’t you visit the Seller at the Sellers site to inspect the gold dust and conduct business?
In today’s scam filled world, especially in our industry, we cannot put ourselves or our employees at risk traveling outside our country to inspect our gold dust purchases or conduct business. Sellers in Ghana are welcome to come to our office in Accra. We welcome Sellers who want to travel with their gold and meet us in the USA to watch our assay process and review the final assay report. Payment would still be made via bank wire transfer, witnessed by the seller’s representative.

Do you require a sample shipment?
We do not and will not ever ask for a sample shipment.

Note: For all persons on a contract or fee agreement, we will require copy of passport, and your financier’s banking for SWIFT purposes. We will ultimately need your banking info for payment – but not upfront in the contract.

We have our own server, so any information sent to us will remain 100% confidential. Sending emails to us is NOT the equivalent of sending information “through the internet”.

We value the need to keep sensitive information secure at all times!

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